Sunday, February 15, 2009

so long and thanks for all the fish...

it's time. i have just accepted a promotion at work which will effectively consume all of my mind and creative energies. i don't know what's going to happen in the future, but i know that if we're going to dig out of this hole that we have gotten ourselves into as a nation then we are going to need strong leaders and a lot of hard work. which is why i feel like it is time to jump back into the game, and why i feel god has provided this opportunity.

my life has seemed to be on a series of three year cycles. and this blog has lasted about that long. it has been wonderful getting to know you all and talking about the things that swirled around inside my head and herat. as well as having hearts willing to help this one heal. the impact of everyone i have met here has ben nothing short of revolutionary in my life. but now i find that i am out of things to say. i have effectively deconstructed my world and allowed the spirit to rebuild a new one. now it is time to engage the world with this new reality firmly in place.

all i can hope is that i was able to offer an interesting perspective for you all to ponder. and that maybe, just maybe, our interactions have changed you as well.

before i go here's one last song. it is one of my favorite "closers" from toad the wet sprockets' album, Fear.

much love,


"One part of me just wants to tell you everything
One part just needs the quiet
And if Im lonely here, Im lonely here
And on the telephone
You offer reassurance

I will not take these things for granted

How can I hold the part of me that only you can carry
It needs a strength I havent found
But if its frightening, Ill bear the cold
And on the telephone
You offer warm asylum

Im listening
Flowers in the garden
Laughter in the hall
Children in the park
I will not take these things for granted

To crawl inside the wire and feel something near me
To feel this accepting
That it is lonely here, but not alone
And on the telephone
You offer visions dancing

Im listening
Music in the bedroom
Laughter in the hall
Dive into the ocean
Singing by the fire
Running through the forest
And standing in the wind
In rolling canyons

I will not take these things for granted"


Erin said...

Aww man! Was it something I said? ;-)

I wish you wonders and peace and blessings in this new segment of the journey. Every way of it has it's lessons and each one creates in us a kinder and better prepared person.

I can't even tell you how valuable you and the people I have met through you have been. It's been a lifesaving (not only life-changing) process for me.

I do hope you don't plan to delete your blog and become a total stranger, though!

Dena G said...

I'm with Erin..."meeting" you, through the series of twists and turns that occurred to make it happen, has been one of the highlights of the past few years for me.

Walking with you on your journey gave me the permission I needed to stand up, speak out and go directly against the flow of so much of the junk I was being fed...and the results have been incredible!

I've not been saying much lately, because I've been in one of those "nothing to say" seasons...and it makes me wonder if my own blogging days may be coming to an end as well. I love it, but things are moving in other directions for me as well and maybe it's just time.

I love the song...and it's always good to hear it and be reminded to NOT take for granted the beauty around us. You're part of the beauty of my life, my friend. :-)

Much love to you as well.

Valorosa said...


awesome !!!

One Voice of Many said...

I have been given much support and strength through you Jon. I wish you all the best in your physical world but please, like Erin said, don't completely disappear.
I appreciate you!

wanting more said...

In a strange way, I think of you as an old friend in my blog world...I'll miss ya! I, like the others, hope you'll stop in once in a while. Best to you and your family.

Susan said...

Yes, I think of you as an old friend too.

I have this dream, fantasy maybe, of coming to the US one day and meeting all you guys. So I hope, jON, you find a way of keeping in touch somehow.

Sue said...

I don't feel like I have known you long enough to call you an old friend, but you certainly feel like one.

Don't make yourself scarce now, ya hear! :)

A-Wix said...

Great. Right when I finally stumble back here, you go and close the door.

Anyhow, I hope the new promotion is a good thing. See ya round?

Ruth said...

Awwwwww I'm going to miss all the great parties and heart to heart conversations you got going over here.

But there is a season for everything. I think we have all received something from this place and from one another that we can take with us into our "real" worlds.

All the best to you Jon with your promotion and moving forward in your life. You are truly insightful and gifted with people.

And don't be a stranger!

Heather said...


Congratulations on the promotion, but I really will miss your presence here.

Please make yourself known every now and again, will you? Drop a comment somewhere so we know you're still alive and doing OK?

It really has been a wonderful thing to get to know you. I hope this isn't a forever goodbye, but if it is, go well my friend. And know you've made a difference along the way.

Manuela said...

best to you, Jon

Paul said...

Hope to meet again one day...

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