Monday, January 05, 2009


Erin said...

You crack me up!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Can't wait to watch this when I get off work. I am not suppose to be doing this from work...don't tell.

Sue said...

Oh, jONNO you funny :) It was fun revisiting this video again - i love the car scenes, crack me up every time :)

Yes, come back to us, o great leader, o wise one. I don't know what to think without you here to tell me!!!! :D

Seriously - I do miss your posts. Just thought I'd nag a bit there :)

jON said...

thanks, ladies. i'm glad to know i can spread a few smiles.

barb, i wonder what would be frowned on more at your work. spending company time in (blog) or using company technology to listen to eminem.

sue, not sure how things work in austrailia, but here in the states petting someone else's neuroses in public is a misdemeanor. :)

but in all seriousness, it's been good to be away and spend time with family and friends and just enjoy being with them for a season. been about 3 years since we've taken that much time for each other and it was sorely needed.

mrs. peres and i just got back from some much needed respite in the form of an overnight get away in a jacuzzi suite.

rest assured, i'll be causing more brain pain before too long.

might i ask what motivated you to ask for the comeback on the post you did? was there any sort of intentional thought behind it?

Sue said...

I find it's often easier to desist from replying to a commenter's comment until the 5 minute "I'm not deleting this and starting again" has elapsed :)

Where was I?

Nice respite :) Good stuff! :) I'm glad to hear you're getting some more family time in n' stuff.

I asked for your timely return to your subjects on that post because it was the last one there :)

jON said...

hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha... i can't believe we just missed each other like that.

seriously. there is the beginning of a small tear in my right eye. that's just too funny...

and i realized "beg" seemed like a strong word which conveys all the wrong meaning. you were simply asking. sorry if my head seemed a little swelled. which is why i even questioned using the eminem song because of the bravado that is contained therein. but, i figured it's my blog and i like that song, so fuck it.

your comment is very interesting, however. i realized i still had the jesus picture on my profile. i thought that might be a little pretentious, so and i didn't want to convey the wrong message again, so i took that off as well. funny that you would call me out on my messiah complex... :-)

hopefully you enjoy the replacement picture...

forgive me if it takes some time to recalibrate. the wife and i watched the whole series of "six feet under" during my absence here. so if i start "fischer-ing out" and spiraling on some hostile narcissistic rant, feel free to call me out.

i'm just as full of shit as everyone else... :-)

Sue said...

I look forward to calling you out, jONNO. There's so much to play with :P


Fischering is a good thing :) That last 5 minutes of the last episode is worth all the watching, ain't it? I love that show so much. I love the Buddhist kind of approach to it.

jON said...

honestly i loved the first 2 seasons. they were certainly like that. the last 3, however, just seemed like never ending melodrama between people who treat each other horribly. that's juts my opinion.

and honestly, we still have the last episode to go. we just watched "static" tonight.

tomorrow the finale.

Sue said...

Yeah, that's a reasonable summation. Some of it went rather overboard :)

My favourite character was the house. I want to live in that house :)

Erin said...

OK, so you both crack me up.