Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009: the year in preview

i know i can't predict the future. but these are some things i would like to see happen in the future. i know that i would like to continue talking about community, the different implications of the word, and the myriad of different ways that community can take shape in the world we find ourselves in today.

i would like to keep asking difficult questions about the bible and theology. there are still several things i've never heard sermons on, and i would like to look into them deeper, in community, if possible.

i would like to continue to contemplate the existential nature of our universe and deeper ways in which those thoughts shape the way i view and interact with the world.

i would like to continue to discuss "abilities" or "gifts" or "powers", i don't really know what to call them. i would like to continue experimenting with my own, as well as talking with others about theirs, so that we might learn how to use them, together, in ways that can make a positive impact in the world in which we live.

i would like to continue my "roots" series and talk about some more metal songs that make me think and why.

i would like to continue drinking coffee, hanging out in the Kitchen, sharing our lives with each other.

i would like to continue to learn how to be gracious to trolls. not that i expect them to listen or be changed, but because i don't want to become a hypocritical characature, commonly and loudly oblivious to the fact that i have become exactly what i hate in responding to people with a differing viewpoint from the norm in hostile and condescending manner. just because my point of view is different doesn't make the behavior any more acceptable. especially when it was that behavior in the first place that gave me a distaste for evangelicals. how can i expect to be better than that if i am displaying the same traits?

i would like to continue to complain about church less and less. it's easy to target the church and differences between us or perhaps even make fun of them for things they do, but i would rather just move on and focus on more positive things. we're different from each other. enough said.

i would like to continue to meet new people and travel to new "neighborhoods" here in (blog) where i don't know anyone.

but mostly i would like to continue to be myself. to continue to speak uncensored and be honest with everyone about who i am and what i think without fear.


Sue said...

I fulsomely agree with all of those sentiments and look forward to joining you in such discussions (especially about "powers". That one sounds heretically interesting. I was just standing outside looking at Venus before (man, she is so bright these days) and saying to God that I really don't want anything if it's not from his hand. Because sometimes I wonder about "powers" and I shall blog about it sometime soon maybe :)

I think this is a wonderful 2009 preview. I look forward to walking in it one day at a time with you and the rest of (blog) :)

jON said...

for example:

you and i have both shared that we feel as if we have some sort of empathic ability. which seems strange because when we think of abilities, we generally think of being able to manipulate the physical realm. i think there are some who posess the ability to do this on a psychological and emotional level. in fact, i think we all posess these abilities to a degree, some just wield them with more effectiveness. a jimi hendrix of the emotions if you will. and they can utilize it positively or negatively.

not saying i have that, but i do know that by practicing and honing this empathic ability i felt myself coming into, i have actually been able to use it to arbitrate conversations. hearing both people's hearts even when they weren't fully in touch with it themselves. giving voice to their deepest heart's meaning and putting it into words to help bring about a peaceful and loving end to a conflict.

that's just one example.

and if these gifts can be used to create more peace and love then i would have a hard time believing they come from a source other than god. creating genuine peace and love is hardly a trick the devil uses. he can't. it would fuck his shit all up. it would unmake him. which is why when you begin to unmake that world you find it lashing out against you.

you know. stuff like that? :-)

Sue said...

Heh :) Cool :)

Yeah, stuff like that :)

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