Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2008: the year in review

in 2008 i posted a lot of crap. no. it's true. with rowyn learning how to walk and grab and run in rapid succession, less time was available to me to sit and post. so i just found lots of little things to keep people coming back for a brief while. things like comedy clips, songs, and short probing questions. but this was also a year of major transition for me. and as the posts came to me, the good stuff came through.

in january i was still racked with grief over my dad's death. but i was able to find another small amount of closure with my whole church-betrayal ordeal as god revealed that he did it to give me more street cred with the people i walk among. i mean, these metalheads and lesbians might hate church and church people, but they've never been kicked out of one!

february brought one of my favorite art posts in which i did an autobiography in album cover art. i also had a crazy conversation over at deconstructed christian that ended up spilling over into a series that lasted until the end of june. for me, this was a major turning point in my blogging as it was the first time i tried to be gracious to people who hold a more traditional viewpoint instead of being hostile as demeaning. it is also the first time i moved from asking questions and gathering data to sharing the things i believe in my heart that i have found since i started chasing the questions. if you have the time, it's worth a revisit to the posts and conversations.
velvet elvis 1
welcome to my abode
abode part deux
abode cubed
abode cuatropointone
abode denoument: enter the religion of rote

along the way during that stretch of time i stopped making new "posts" for a brief period and instead asked a series of varied questions for discussion. out of that time period, from one of the discussions, a game was birthed into (blog). apples 2 apples was born. (and it's still going!)

in july i gave you all some homework in the form of heart exercises. did anyone try it?

then, at the beginning of august a conversation started that, for me, is still going. most of those posts, however, i reposted a couple of months ago, so i won't overkill it here.

thanks to everyone who has been willing to engage over the past year. here's to another one and wherever it may lead...

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Erin said...

Thank you, Jon, for taking us on this tour. Your blog, the things you write, stretch me like nothing else. I only hope you bring us some new crazy thoughts and ideas in the new year!

And no I didn't try the heart exercises, if you're talking about the engaging with strangers....I'm chicken.