Thursday, November 20, 2008

i've decided to use the symbol:


to replace "the blogosphere" in my writing.

i don't know exactly why it appeals to me so. i think i like the way the parenthases look. part of a greater sphere that we can't see. hinting at more unrevealed. kind of like... what you see isn't the whole story. there's more underneath.

plus i think it looks good as a symbol. to give this place, in my mind, more of a "whereness" about it. an authenticity about it. an identity, in my own mind. this crazy sewn together group of folks from all over the world. creating new paradigms and new cultures together that erase old boundaries. my head is really baking from overload on all of the infinite possibilities stretching out before us right now. and i need to do a little thing jimi hendrix used to talk about and "get my heart back together."

because as i look into the future as an individual and look at the world as it is now, i have to ask myself what kind of a world i want to be involved in. and as i feel the walls of corporate american commerce closing around me, trapping me in in the physical world, i am suddenly inspired to realize that with this "place", this (blog), i can stop shopping based on geographic convenience. i can talk with people and find out about great businesses i can support by purchasing what i need from them here. it could be across town, it could be across planet.

weird ideas like that. things that could have real potential at creating geunine alternative to popular modern society. in fact, i think if a group of folks from around the world tried, they could create their own global community supporting one another like that. hmmm. i don't know. just flickers. flashes.

sorry. i don't really know what to say. i just feel like i'm supposed to talk about this a tiny bit, as far as i understand it right now. (which is hardly at all)

then post this song:

then walk away.


Sue said...

V-e-e-e-r-y interesting dude of dudeness :)

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

I loves me some Rage Against The Machine!

Erin said...

Well, Jon. You've given us some food for thought in your absence. Nice.


Valorosa said...

It's a cool song

The machine unfortunately is made up of us.
We are responsible for its maintenance and its dissarray.

We are responsible before God to keep our living areas shored up with prayer.

If we are able to live peaceful and quiet lives as a result of our prayers for our governing folks, then most of the nation will as well.

Yes? ;-)

Peace and love to you as you celebrate Thanksgiving.

Ruth said...

I simply don't know what to say Jon. You've been the catalyst for this amazing community with your willingness to put yourself out there as well as your ability to stir up dialogue about things close to people's hearts and to draw people in. Don't forget that's how God has gifted you.

Ruth said...

I just reread my answer and it sounds like I'm admonishing you which I'm not. I meant to tell you that I see God has gifted you this way and to keep that in mind as you retreat.

On another note - has it ever occurred to you that you might think too much for your own good? (just kidding - God made you that way for a reason too)

Heather said...

Go well, our jON. I can't wait to hear what you come back with.

Just don't stay away for too long!

Sue said...

LOL @ Ruth. I do agree, Jon. I think sometimes thou dost think so hard thou noggin shalt explode.

But hey, I'm the same :) It's just unfortunately a bad side effect of being the kind of people that simply must look at things and pull them apart and tinker and know waht things are made of :)

Fiona said...

thanks for the brave-ness

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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