Monday, October 13, 2008

you're completely right, erin.

i HAVE had severe music on the brain lately. i don't know why, but i've been getting very nostalgic as of late for music from my youth. to "reconnect" with that time period of my life since music is the only thing i have left from that time period to connect with.

and, especially, i have been thinking about the form of music i was the most into in junior high. namely "glam metal" or "hair metal." i've simply been feeling things out, but now i'm coming to you all with a bonafide request. i deliver pizza for a living and i get to listen to LOTS and LOTS of music as loud as i want as i drive around. so i make myself many cd's for multiple listenings and enjoyment.

my newest project i have swirling around in my head is a series i call "glam chowder." and i need the names/songs of as many glam bands as you can think of! i don't want to miss anyone. so even the obscure bands like "enuff znuff" and "trixter" are welcome and wanted here. i don't want to miss anyone. let me know as many as you can think of, please. it's all appreciated!!!!!

thank you in advance for your help with this project.


Erin said...

You don't ask much, do you?

Alice Cooper
Bad English
Damn Yankees
Faster Pussycat
Great White
LA Guns
Mötley Crüe
Night Ranger
Quiet Riot
Skid Row
Twisted Sister

For starters. Not sure they ALL fit your definition of glam, but there they are...I raided my husband's music collection. I'm sure I'll think of more.

And I get what you mean by using music to reconnect with the past. When I met my husband he was delivering pizza for Dominoes and he had a tricked out stereo...he drove around with it as loud as it would go, playing exactly the kind of music you're talking about. That was 1990. So I get it.

"Glam Chowder"...hahaha...

Barry said...

Just a few from me, Jon;

Hanoi Rocks
Stryper (sorry!)

Erin, I find it hard to conceive of Testament ever being thought of as glam metal!

Nate said...

White Lion (when the children cry, let them know we tired)
Def Leppard
Guns n Roses
Gorky Park
Lita Ford

Jusst a few more for ya.

Valorosa said...

best I can do for you .. :-)

Erin said...

Barry - Sorry about was a long shot. ;-)

Nate - "When the children cry, let them know we tired". Yes, we're definitely tired, LOL. I love that song, by the way.

Ahh yes, Lita Ford, that was the other chick I was trying to think of.

And to whom it may concern, I finished Ender's Game.

Mike said...

Hmm, lets see....

Autograph (oh yeah)

The Scorpions (A must have for 80's metal)

Bon Jovi (I was not so much a fan but there are a few goodies)

Dokken for sure

KISS (But the only good one for the 80's that I liked was from the NO MAKE UP DAYS called "Lick It Up"

Motley Crue, Quiet Riot, Ratt, Twisted Sister, Whitesnake and Winger

You might also think about adding "Hot For Teacher" from Van Halen. I know they don't apply to this group but this was such an aweseom song.

And of course, my dream girls!!

Sue said...

Rise again, little fighter. And let the world know the reason why. Shine again, little fighter. And don't let them end the things you do.

Yay for White Lion :)

And Slaughter. Erin has nominated all of my faves.

There was this band in Melbourne called Serpentine, and the lead singer was a raunchbag with long hair and oh yum yum yum he was yummy and they were really really good but they never went anywhere.

And hooray for Tesla. Love Song is in my top 100 songs. I forking love that song.

I have nothing to add except for my own blatherings :)

Erin said...

Here's another one: Extreme

We had friends who played "More than Words" at their WEDDING!

Little Fighter was an awesome song too! Let's hear it for Power Ballads!

Katherine Gunn said...

Fine, Erin,. Hmm... see if I can think of one you didn't name. :-) Okay, how about Kick Axe?

Mike said...

Before someone says Guns n Roses, you might think about adding them but they were like..late 80's and one of the only bands who ever gave me a headache.

Of course, now after listening to Velvet Revolver, I have successfully deduced that my headaches were cause by Axl Rose's voice.

Erin said...

I'm sorry guys...Jon has helped me out with my music deficiencies so much that I felt compelled to return the favor. I'll shut up now.

Erin said...

(Not that Jon has ANY music deficiencies, or course.)

jON said...

thank you everyone!!!! i knew i could count on you guys! such wonderful memories long forgotten.

erin, your list is a great start. sorry you got jumped by the metal police. but it's always important to keep your glam metal, speed metal, doom metal, nu metal, black metal, and death metal spearate. ;-) i will have to draw the line with firehouse, however. to me, they were the end of the movement. they were SO un-metal, that grunge just came in and cleaned house. which was not necessarily a bad thing.

barry, thanks for some more obscure bands over on this side of the ocean. especially wrathchild!

nate, some major hitters in your list. how could erin even miss def leppard or guns n roses? :-) GORKY PARK!!!! i haven't thought about them in years. i actually bought their CD years ago after i saw them perform at the Moscow Music Peace Festival. (not in person) i had utterly forgotten about them, thanks for bringing them back.

valorosa, thanks for the link. it has helped to fill in other gaps with bands like britney fox. anyone remember them?

mike, i will include some late '80s van halen as they certainly associated themselves with the movement around that time. (van hagar, if you will) vixen. nice. that one made my wife squeal with glee.

sue & erin-
white lion is one of my favorites bands from this genre. i actually got to see them live when i was in 8th grade when they opened for stryper.

tesla's love song was the first song i learned how to play on the guitar followed shortly by the opening riff from metallica's "one." a couple of years later, i actually played "more than words" at a wedding for a good friend. what a small world.

katherine - thanks for the tip on kick axe. i have never heard them, but i will check them out.

mike - seriously. nothing from GNR gets you? no love in heart heart whatsoever for "sweet child o mine" or "paradise city"? no "mr brownstone"?

once again, thank you all so much!!! if any more pop into your head, feel free to stop back at any time to add them.

Erin said...

I didn't "miss" Def Leppard or Guns N Roses, I just figured you would have already thought of those.


Sue said...

I'm going to see Def Leppard play in November. I'm hoping it's not gonna be one of those sad sack type scenarios with people in their mid 30s watching a band in their 40s who should have given the game away years ago :) But I guess I'll take the chance. Cheap Trick are opening, which is a pretty good two for one opening, as far as I'm concerned :)

Erin said...

Sue - I ALMOST went to that concert - well it was Heart, Cheap Trick and Def Leppard...but it was an outdoor venue and it was supposed to rain cats and dogs, so we bagged the idea. I hope you have a great time!

Incidentally, the NKOTB concert coming up here was canceled due to "scheduling conflicts". I'm so bummed.


Sue said...

People like hiding their shame behind quotes, don't they? Scheduling conflicts. Right. Whatever :)

Mike said...

OK jON. Admittedly, I love "Welcome to the Jungle". So I guess it would be correct to say Axl in moderation.

Erin said...

Dio? Yea or Nay?

jON said...

let me make sure i answer this correctly. YEA on dio being a good band, NAY on them being glam metal.