Tuesday, September 23, 2008


this is me. this is what i look like when i take a picture of myself blogging and listening to metallica's new album. the kids are in bed. the wife is engrossed is one of her favorite movies. the store i work for is closed. this is how it is most days for me when i enter this space. i am pure bliss. often mrs. peres will tap me and ask me what i'm giggling about as i'm typing furiously, completely oblivious to the fact i'm doing it.

so i might rant, and i might rave, and i might shout for joy, or scream with frustrated rage. i might make light of the holy and praise the profane. but if you can handle it, then know that no matter what you share, it's all good from here. Always. you don't ever need to worry about "where is jON's heart at?" i know you're good people and i trust you. share whatever you feel without apology here. you've more than earned my trust and respect.

much love.


Sue said...

Awww, how sweet!! :)

Tyler Dawn said...

Jon, I loves it! great pic.

Erin said...

There's nothing better than a computer and a Metallic album! ;-)

What a nice guy.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I've heard the new Metallica is incredible...who knew so many long time bands still had it in them!?!


Katherine Gunn said...

Thanks, Jon. I'm not worried about your heart. From where I sit, it looks fine. Rock on.

Dena G said...

This made me smile. I didn't giggle. But I DID smile. :-) Much love to you, too, my friend.

Courtney Lynne Dressler said...

hey, i know that smile.... of course the last time i saw it was 1992 and there was less hair surrounding it.

how are you old friend? still listening to horrible music, i see. :)

i bet you're a wonderful husband and father.

write back when you have a moment and let me in on your secrets.

courtney (daigle) from camp

jON said...

hmmm. i noticed a typo in your comment. i believe you meant to say "wonderful music". a small oversight, i'm sure. :-)

which secrets would you like to be privy to? since i've had this space here i've pretty much spilled them all so i don't think i have any secrets any more. how about this one. (you asked!) an old post from my previous blog where i shared 5 things about me no one knew. now, i think, most everyone here in the blogosphere knows all.

obviously much has happened since 1992. that was half a lifetime ago!

so, so good to hear from you. i hope you make it back here and we can chat some more.

Courtney Lynne Dressler said...

my husband and i recently moved and i joined facebook in order to keep up with friends... anyway, turns out mike & kathy wilson were friends of a friend and i reconnected with them. since then i've reconnected with a few others - some of which have been posting some vintage CPBC pics... some with a rat-tail i recognize. :)

anyway, i'd love to catch up, send me your email address when you have a moment. i think mine is connected to this.

(unlike you, i'd prefer to keep my secrets just between friends.)

i am excited that jesus has kept his grip on you... i know you had so many doubts and questions back then.

looking forward to hearing about the answers you found.