Wednesday, September 17, 2008

hands down the best existential rant about american politics i've ever heard given in only two minutes

ultimately this is the clip from waking life that i wanted to share. i just got distracted because when i went looking for it i realized they had the whole movie on youtube cut up into the various scenes, so i shared a couple of other faves along the way. i'm not sure if you've ever seen the film, but it is one of my favorites. very revolutionary at the time, it was shot entirely on digital film and then each frame was "painted over" so that it looks like living animation. each scene has a different theme and feel to it. plus it gives greater freedom for interesting things to happen. (i.e. someone is talking and their mouth starts sliding to the left or their eyes shift around their face or something just wanders through the background that wasn't in the original shot.)

this movie is well worth the viewing if you think watching people talk about existential philosophy is fun. i do. the movie isn't about politics as much as it is about our concepts of reality and the way in which we conduct our lives as human beings on a daily basis. and of course, politics happens to be one of the ways in which we conduct our daily business so it gets touched on.

if you're sick of american politics, if you think the debates between the two sides are silly because it is the whole system that is flawed and not just the party in charge, then this rant is for you. enjoy.


Sue said...

Yeah, I'm sick of American politics. The whole bag makes me sick and I don't even live there.

BUT ... there was something about this that unnerved me. I just can't really describe what it was, exactly. Maybe it was the stridency. I find stridency about anything really scary (except when it's me being strident, haha :) But ... yeah, I dunno. I can't explain what it was that unsettled me.

jON said...

hmmm. if you gain understanding at some point of your reaction, enough to verbalize, i would be interested to hear. this does nothing but excite me with possibility of the future.

the sheer hostility of it can be unsettling. but i take it as kind of a "table-turning" hostility and not just random negativity burgeoning up from a negative heart.


Sue said...

Well, hmm, let me see. It's not so much the negativity or the anger or the hostility, even though all of those things are uncomfortable emotions. But I'm all for honesty even when it's uncomfortable. That was good. And I actually agreed with most of what he was saying. It's not the content so much as the stridency. But ... yeah, I can't explain it. I'll have to sit on it and see what it is. Maybe it's just a personal thing, I dunno.

jON said...

i'll have to look up stridency. maybe that will clear it up for me.

Valorosa said...


I hardly understood it

He was speaking American.

I'm not fluent in American


Dena G said...

I had just posted "I'm sick of political BS" as my new FaceBook status, then came here and saw this. :-)