Monday, September 29, 2008

for shits and giggles

still having a toddler, who is still into everything, makes it tough to find the time for serious posting. hence the youtube fetish recently. which is not going to end today. but instead of music or heady film i decided to drop in a few of my favorite things for your viewing pleasure. i have been a stand-up comedy fanatic for over 20 years now. here is just a small sampling of my favorites. obviously there is more than a single visit's worth of watching here, but you'll have time to come back, if you so desire, before i move on. i'm taking the better part of the next two weeks off from my own blog to do mucho familia engagements as well as work. hopefully you find something to brighten your day and make you spit all over you screen! (extra points if you fall off your chair)

Brian Regan

Louis CK

Flight Of The Conchords


Lexi said...

haha i've been watching his stand up on youtube for like about a year.

Delirious said...

Hey Jon, you are the winner over at Apples to Apples.... Congratulations! :)