Thursday, September 18, 2008

can i get an amen? holla!

this one's for the sistas

from mrs. peres


wanting more said...

Amen. I just sweat all day and run around after kids and try to find time to exersize so that maybe I will one day look like I did before kids...or maybe like I did just after the first one. It doesn't work! I needed this today! Hell Yeah, Mrs Peres!

Erin said...

Ain't that the truth! I will NEVER look like I did when I was 19 again. Even if I *was* that skinny...the after effects of two babies are virtually irreversible.

Hell Yeah!

Valorosa said...

It is interesting how the two men are following her like her servants and carrying her basket and putting things in it for her. LOL
She is being waited on and listened to and tolerated during her rant.

Men seem to like women in general as indicated by their comments as she walked away.

Is it men who have to get over this hurdle or women?