Saturday, June 07, 2008

abode quatro

"Afraid?" Horkin interrupted the torment. "We'll see who's afraid, by Luni."
"When you are in my presence," said Raistlin coldly, "you will refer to the goddess Lunitari with the respect she is due-"
"Listen to me, Red," Horkin said, jabbing his finger in Raistlin's thin chest. "Ican refer to the goddess any damn way I feel like. If I call her Luni it's because I have the right to call her Luni. Many's the night we've sat drinking together beneath the stars, passing the bottle, she and I. I wear her sybol over my heart. And I wear her emblem around my neck. Luni, the darling, gave me this with her own fair hands. I have seen her, I have talked to her." The elder mage glared up at Raistlin, into him, through him.
"I may not wear her symbol, but I wear her color, which, as you have astutely noted, is red. And she has spoken to me, as well."
Horkin looked closely at Raistlin, and perhaps the elder mage was thinking almost the very same thoughts as the younger.
"Lunitari herself has spoken to you? This you swear?"
"Yes," said Raistlin calmly. "By the red moon, I swear."

the startling thing is not so much coming across one who is filled with knowledge about the god, but rather coming across another one to whom the god has spoken.

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Nate said...

You find them in the strangest places, and at the strangest ages. I met a seventeen year old kid who had already progressed to where it took me 30 some years. That was great though, it tells me organized religion is becoming so obnoxious, that it cannot even hide it's nature from children.

Katherine Gunn said...

You can always tell them apart. Those who know about God get nervous & heir eyes glaze over when the subject of actually - really talking to God comes up. Those who have, their eyes will light up.

Valorosa said...

I have a platonic friend who used to tell me his problems... and when I asked him what God said about them ... he would say... God?

Ugh ... this guy is a significant part of his church with a small 'c'

I really don't know why the Lord has sent me to him ... it has actually been disastrous getting to know him.

There is something else there but he keeps slipping his mask back on when subject matters get real and acts extremely cold. Stops talking to me and tells me to get lost. That I'm demanding too much from him.

I'm just being myself.

I don't know how to wear a mask except at Hallowe'en. Unless you count minimal make up.

Then he gets in touch with you again only to do it again when he has to be real. It must be so painful for him.

Guess we'll wait on God and see what happens.