Wednesday, April 09, 2008

what is sexual immorality? and what is adultery?


wanting more said...

I thought adultery was a "sub category" listed under sexual immorality...I always thought of adultery as cheating on your husband or wife (in any form, be it emotionally, physically, etc..) I'm interested to know what it REALLY is!

One Voice of Many said...

Biblical history says that adultery is when the wife cheats on the husband as she was considered the property of her husband. I don't think it applied to both parties. The men weren't under the same guidelines. Is that right or am I just making up things again? ;-)

So many arguments are made against what our current definitions are related to the definition of sexual immorality. Consenting adults, fighting against man's prescription for proper behavior, etc. - it all gets muddled.


Anonymous said...

Sex, like all things created by God after the fall ends up having a certain duality in the way it is expressed by humans. I think we all know what sex looks like when it is filling a positive and a negative role.

is there a clear line between positive and negative sex? no, and perhaps it will look different for everyone. But i would personally define negative sex as that which is selfish. I think those good things created by God tend to be vices when infiltrated by our selfishness, or when youre trying to make it fill some kinda void in your life that would better be suited by somthing else. (food, relationships, etc). Sex shouldnt be the source of your self-esteem, and it shouldnt be youre only hobby.

Sex was made to fulfill a certain role which i believe idealy is to establish a connection with another person. I recently had a conversation last night about this so it is still fresh in my mind and why im chosing to write about it now. It should be a careing, honest and trusting expression. I know jon, that you tend to talk a lot about humans being vulnerable with eachother, and how that establishes a certain trust, or a certain history with the person you've shared the experience with... i think sex is the most common way to experience that vulnerability or even a "heart cry" [if its good enough;)] You like to use the metaphore of being naked in front of us, well sex is a chance for it to be more than just a metaphore.

that to me would be sex filling its rightful role. I don't see a whole lot of possibility for that happening with that drunk guy thats been looking at me cross-eyed all night. One night stands have always struck me as wrong.

The bible talks a lot about harlots and what not. As the body of Christ we're called to love each other as brothers and sisters... thats going to be hindered when one of those sisters (or brothers) puts a "begging for it" vibe out there. You follow me? If you want to follow Paul's advice especially don't have sex with your step mom! Sexual selfishness to me when manefested looks like a rampage for a single person. It looks like tearing families apart when adultry.

Just one persons take on it.... any thoughts?

jON said...

thanks so much for sharing. i guess what i am asking here is what, specifically, are these things. i had always heard "sexual immorality" equated with "sex outside of marriage." yet, in high school, when i investigated, i couldn't find that simple definition. so, the one time i brought it up, you can imagine that not only was it not well received, it wasn't even really discussed.

so i still wonder, why is that the popular definition?

also, is adultery simply having sex with someone other than your spouse? or is it having sex with someone other than your spouse without permission? just questions that roll through my head. and if one needs to be married to be involved in adultery, whatever that is, why do we make young singles feel guilty for masturbating? quoting the "lust in your heart...adultery" verse. isn't it IMPOSSIBLE for single people to be committing adultery?

thanks for sharing your thoughts. since you chose anonymity, i will not break it. but i agree with you that a major portion of what i feel in my own being is sexual immorality is "selfish sex."

enduring the "begging for it vibe" has got to get old for a woman. as a man, its not something you actually get a whole lot of! as the old joke goes: "women can have sex with whoever they want to. men can only have sex with whoever will let them."