Saturday, April 05, 2008

what is 'freedom in christ'?


Valorosa said...

Better question

What is freedom?

jON said...

my original question actually. very astute, v.

One Voice of Many said...




wanting more said...

Thanks Michele, this was our Sunday morning "worship" song! :)

One Voice of Many said...

lol - definitely!

Heather said...

I've actually been thinking a bit about this lately. Where does freedom in Christ cross over to an excuse to do our own thing without consequences?

I think I found it in Colossians and Romans. We should follow our conscience. We know when we're doing wrong. It's inbuilt inside of us. Freedom in Christ is to do what we know is right without fear of judgement. It's to give others the freedom to do the same. But with the freedom comes the other side of the coin: responsibility. We are free to do, but we are responsible to love. We are free to eat and drink, but we are responsible to give and share what we have. We are free to dance and sing and live with abandon, but we are responsible to stand up for the rights of others to be similarly free. We are free to accept the full grace of God, but we are responsible to share this good news.

When it's all executed as God planned, it's a beautiful thing.

Valorosa said...


the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action.


btw lol
Thanks Michelle ...

Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose

Kris Kristofferson

Freedom ...
no hunger
no sorrow
no sadness
no harm
no war
no disease or disorder.
no pain
no bills
no restrictions
no need
no thirst
no fat
no clothes
no destruction
no hate no selfishness
no trouble


love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control;

against such things there is no law.

Galatians 5

Ruth said...

Heather I think you have hit the mark on "Freedom in Christ". Those particular scriptures you pointed out are exactly what it means to me. In fact - I think I have had my eyes opened some more about it. The NIV translation makes it soooo clear to me.

Especially here:
'Who are you to condemn someone else’s servants? They are responsible to the Lord, so let him judge whether they are right or wrong. And with the Lord’s help, they will do what is right and will receive his approval.'

And here:
‘If you do anything you believe is not right, you are sinning.’

I think you need to do a post on this girl!

Valorosa said...

I know here's more for my list of freedoms ... anyone else care to add some more

Here's amother one

no traffic

I don't think there is 'total' freedom here on planet Earth even in Christ ... I could be wrong but I think it is for a future date.

Although I must say forgiveness is one thing on this earth that frees ... no matter where it is found and the cross frees.

faintnot said...

I can serve Him now, I am free from other masters who ordered me around...tho some still try. Free from them, bought by Him.

Ruth said...

Faintnot that is very well said. I have been thinking of Freedom in those terms as well.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

When we live in the truth we are free from the lies of the enemy.

Valorosa said...

no housework or laundry

Ruth said...

Amen Sister on no housework.

Nate said...

It looks like it's girls night out here. Sorry, been WAAAAAYYY yoo busy lately. But I will jump in now.

Freedom, is our ability to choose without consequence. Freedom in Christ, is our ability to act for Him, without spiritual consequence.

V- I disagree with all of those No whatevers. Without those, life would be very dull. But a lot less trouble. No housework sounds GREAT right now.

Michelle, Only you would answer in music. But it is one that I know by heart, and love.

Kari, I want your worship leader. Maybe we couls sing "My Own Prison" by Creed as well.

Heather, Many of the things that you put in there with the responsibility section,keep it from being freedom. I read a great little book (20 pages?) today from an internationally reknown Pastor named Blackaby. (Never heard of him before either) But he did have one idea that I did like. What God's plan is for one, is not always for another. So, freedom in Christ, is also the freedom to act as you see fit, without a predesigned set of actions that are expected. The resposibility section of your response sets clear expectations, which is the opposite of freedom.

Ruth, I really like that you put in the "do not judge another's servant." For I am God's servant, and to act as God would have me do, being free from the judgement of others is very important.

Nate said...

Oops, Linda, I forgot yours. I enjoy the idea, that we are free from other masters. Many people look at that as just people. But for me, with ever increasing consumerism, it is many things. Being free from all of those are just as important.

PS-fresh turtle tracks ice cream in the fridge, help yourself. Oh, its turtle shaped chocolates, with caramel inside, with caramel swirls and chocolate covered walnuts. Very sugar highish.

Valorosa said...


No money problems ... better yet

How about no death.

Heather said...
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Anonymous said...

Hmm, Nate. That made me think.

I don't really agree though. Whenever freedom is mentioned in the NT, it goes along with responsibility. Every time.

We are not free not to love. It is a requirements of following Christ. Of course, we are given freewill. We don't HAVE to follow Christ. But in following, love is an imperative. Freedom always comes with a flip-side of responsibility.

One Voice of Many said...

You seriously think you need to explain what a turtle is to a group of women?! ;-)

I was thinking about this subject again this morning. I'm reading a book in which the writer describes having a monkey mind -- swinging back and forth between guilt from the past and anxiety about the future; never enjoying the moment.

If we take Christ's teachings to heart regarding living a life of compassion and love, mixed with His assurance that basically things will work out eventually (consider the lilies kind of thing) I would venture to say that our freedom in Christ is freedom from that dreaded monkey-mind.

The freedom and peace to live in the moment.

I'm brewing more on that and have intentions of posting it over at my place. However, we know what road is paved with good intentions. I'll try to get to it soon.

Valorosa said...

Freedom is the ability to walk away and let go of everything and be embraced by the living God.

wanting more said...

Heather, you said, "Freedom in Christ is to do what we know is right without fear of judgement. It's to give others the freedom to do the same." I think this is what frees us FROM what you call the responsibility. If we are free to do what we know is right, we will be loving one another and acting in those ways deemed responsible anyway, right? Like Ruth, I think you hit the nail on the head too!

Michelle, I also like what you said about the freedom and peace to live in the moment. I so long for that...I think we do get a glimpse of that real freedom every once in a while.

Ruth said...

Michelle it sounds like you are reading "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle(Oprah's new flavor of the month) or something like it.

I read that book and he zeros in on a spiritual principal that is in the bible among other spiritual writings. The scripture about the lillies of the field as you said illustrates the principle as well as "don't worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself".

He basically says don't let your hurt, shame and unforgiveness, etc from the past and your fears about the future affect your moment now. Stop and smell the roses.

In my opinion, Eckart's method of being in the moment is to basically not care about anything which is buddhism.

And yes Michelle I agree with you, to be present in the moment while still being fully engaged in life is freedom in Christ. I think it has to do with renewing our mind because it's not easy to be free from all that junk in our head.

Nate - Is that Henry Blackaby you're talking about? He is a fine fellow Canadian who wrote "Experiencing God" which lit the bulb for me that I could actually "experience God."

One Voice of Many said...

Ruth -
It's actually by Elizabeth Gilbert and is called, Eat, Pray, Love She has a foreword by Anne Lamott - need I say more?! ;-) She spent some time traveling, during which, she spent a portion of it in an Ashram in India. She studied meditation there and I am quite enjoying her telling of her travels.

I try to avoid anything commissioned by Oprah ...just because. I refuse to like Oprah. I'm a rebel, you know. ;-)


Ruth said...

You a rebel?
No - really? :)

I have heard about that book "Eat Pray Love" and been wondering what it's all about. It sounds like she talks about a similar principal about being in the moment.

One Voice of Many said...

Ruth - I recommend it. It's a refreshingly honest read.

One Voice of Many said...

Not to steal from this conversation, but I DID get my 'round to-it...


Happy said...

so this is what i get for procrastinating... i read Jon's question when he first posted it, and never got around to answering it. and here i've missed all this great discussion! :) and the opportunity to have a turtle sundae, too. (i'm at work and can't leave.) :P

i think my thoughts may wander their way to my blog as a post this weekend. i'll let you know when i've got anything coherent. :)

in the meantime - Eat, Pray, Love is an EXCELLENT book. I would highly recommend it. I will point out that she says in her intro that she'd call herself a Christian but that most Christians probably wouldn't. (that would be part of why i read it.) :)

Katherine Gunn said...

Being free from the fear of sinning...