Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the dilemma

Lunitari's laughter danced through Raistlin, exhilarating, disturbing. "You do not understand. And if you could foresee what will be asked of you in the future, you would run from this place and never come back. Still, we have watched you and we have been impressed with you. We grant your request on one condition. Remember always that you have seen us and spoken to us. Never deny your faith in us, or we will deny you."


Valorosa said...

What is this book you are reading Jon?

Nate said...

This book is the Dragonlance series that has been out for about twenty years. It has spawned about 50 to 75 additional books by other authors to be penned.

I love this quote though. Once you know for sure there is a God, to deny him, is to be denied by him. Great quote.

jON said...

this particular book, "soulforge", is not quite that old. although nate is quite right that it comes from the dragonlance series. i believe it was that very set of books that began nate's passion for fantasy novels. a passion that continues to this day if i am not mistaken.

if you enjoy fantasy, they are not to be missed. the books written by the original authors follow a continual story that spans almost 2000 years.

the most interesting thing is that although each book is about the people involved, the overarching story is about the gods and their involvement in people's lives.

i decided to reread them for the first time in seven years and i am being blown away with what i've read so far. all told there are 14 books in the main (original authors') story so far. as far as i know there is one more to come and that will be it.

i have never met a literary character more like myself than raistlin. i'm sure i will be sharing about him most often. why not join me? if you like reading that is. we could have our very own super-nerd-fest and read together.

or not. your choice.