Tuesday, February 05, 2008

to think it all began with "weird al".......... (an autobiography in album format)


Erin said...

Good grief...how long did it take you to compile all that?

I'd pass on the Green Day and the CCM, but otherwise, good list. I think you and I are the only ones on the planet to own (or at least admit it) that Living Colour album....

My 11 year old son recently discovered Weird Al...amazing he's still doing business after so long.

I think 'Kick' is one of the killer albums of all time.

I probably could have a comment for almost every one of those...because I think I own (or used to own) at least 75% of them.

jON said...

about 4 hours.
pass on the green day? to each their own. i loved dookie from the very first note. not an easy task for a record to invade my being with such force as that one did. must have been cosmic timing.

did you not like the living colour? vernon reid is an amazing guitarist and corey glover's screams at the end of "which way to your america?" are epic. the passion. you can't yell your vocal cords raw like that if you don't mean it.

'kick' is an amazing record. not just the hits, but even the other songs like 'kick', 'calling all nations', and 'mystify', hold up well and provide front to back enjoyment.

it just seemed like something fun to do. posting a compliation of pictures of albums throughout my life that have completely invaded my being with force. the albums that i listened to over and over and over again. the ones that were the soundtrack for that period of life. this list is by no means comprehensive. in fact, i've probably come up with about 8 more since last night. but they are more obscure. i tried to include albums a little more mainstream from the cultures i have walked among. the lone exception being the "brother sun" album. a very independant album from some folk out east. i don't even know, truly, how it came to me. but i knew that since it was an album i listened to for almost 2 years straight, that they deserved their mention and honor, even if no one here knows who they are.

any shout outs you'd like to give or reminiscing you'd like to do, feel free. i could rave about each one of these and not be bored. and the stories...

for instance, after the weird al, you'll notice two albums. the police's 'synchronicity' and huey lewis and the news' 'sports'. i bought the police when i was 8 and nate traded me his huey lewis for it. (he was 15) we know now which is the superior of the two albums, and i obviously got the raw end of the deal.

taking advantage of an 8 year old, nate. tsk, tsk. :)

jON said...

and just in case it's not clear, the albums are placed chronologically in order of when in MY life i listened to them. which is why pink floyd and ac/dc's "back in black" are actually closer to '89 - '90 when nate had moved back home and introduced me to them.

Dena G said...

I am truly fascinated by this list, Jon. We're so similar...and yet so different. :-)

A friend of mine likes to compare people to pieces of a jigsaw puzzle...all of our various jagged edges and curves and swirls fit together in a specific way with specific other pieces--and, in the end, fit together to make a picture.

You and I have some curves and swirls that definitely fit...and several that don't! I DO like Green Day, though...in small doses--maybe I'll give them another shot, based on your recommendation.

I really like your idea for an autobiographical journey...music is so much a part of my life that this certainly resonates with me--amazing how a song can transport you somewhere else, someTIME else.

jON said...

you can try the green day, dena. but if you were never a pothead, you might not feel it. ;)

Paul said...

Apparently I resembled Weird Al back in the day. I was even stopped once in a restaurant by an adoring fan who wanted my autograph. Because I didn't want to embarrass the woman asking I kindly requested her name and gave her an autograph on a napkin by signing "Al".

Dena G said...

Never a pothead, but... "Jesus of Suburbia" and "American Idiot". :-)

Erin said...

As for Living Colour, Glamour Boys was one of my favorite songs when that album came out. I just have never met anyone else who liked them enough to buy the album. Obviously people did, but I just don't know anyone.

Kick is great, but I really loved a couple of their earlier albums, even. 'The One Thing' is an awesome song.

Until the stuff from the mid-90's on up, I think I owned almost every single one of those you listed...I was a collector, in high school I spent almost every penny on vinyl, and you and I must be about the same vintage ;-)

Anyhow, then there was Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Heart, and Duran Duran...I think I wore all of those out.

But I grew up, and from about 94 through about 2004, I was charmed by the wiles of Contemporary Christian Music (and was raising babies so didn't have time for popular music.) Hence my lack of interest in Pearl Jam or Green Day, etc. I regret missing out on that "era" now.

Don't get me wrong, Keith Green is killer, I adore him...and some CCM is pretty good, but I just don't go there anymore, and wish I'd never gone exclusive to CCM, but you know how that happens.

Nate said...

Oh no, he started Llistening to it when I brought it home after seeing Living Colour live opening for the STone's Steel Wheels tour in '89. I have their second alblum too. How can YOU Erin, not love Green Day, amazing.

Nate said...

Also, Green Day started Jon on his path to where he is now. Burnout is the song that I think led him away from Mom and Dad to me.

Erin said...

I guess I'm just a freak for not liking Green Day; they annoy me...but I love Linkin' Park, is that worth some points?

jON said...

paul, that has to be hands down one of the best stories i've ever heard.

erin, if you can feel linkin park from the depths of your soul, you score major major points. i really get the feeling when i listen to their first two albums that one or more of the members of the band went through a similar life awakening/betrayal scenario that many of us here lived out as our beliefs started changing.

in fact, i made my good friend, the elder's daughter, a cd for her graduation. i laced it with all sorts of subtext so i could explain to her the real situation. we hadn't been allowed to speak since the ordeal began (even to this day) and i don't think she ever got to hear the real story. in the middle of the cd, i just put 4 linkin park songs right in a row because they captured the heart or what i went through at the hands of these authority figures who ripped me to shreds.

i titled the cd "another version of the truth...
sometimes your love feels a lot less like love and a lot more like a punch in the face."

good times.

the songs?

somewhere i belong
hit the floor

let's get something straight about green day. i'm not a huge fan of ALL their stuff. but dookie reached into my chest and pulled my heart out. like i said, from the first note of burnout...

and nate, we did have MTV by then. i saw cult of personality on dial MTV. then you brought the disc home and i realized how kick ass the whole album was.

and '94!!!!!!!! erin? did you really miss out on '94? OH MY GOD! that was my banner year for music. the shit i was into came out hard in '94. in fact, 7 of the albums on my list here came out that year. i'm so, so sorry.

other '94 classics not on my list?
beastie boys ill communication
soundgarden superunknown
pink floyd the division bell
smashing pumpkins pisces iscariot
nirvana unplugged
tom petty wildflowers
dave matthews band under the table and dreaming
alice in chains jar of flies
beck mellow gold
the offspring smash
toad the wet sprocket dulcinea
jeff buckley grace
r.e.m. monster
bush sixteen stone

kurt cobain died, pink floyd went on their last tour, pearl jam sued ticketmaster, the beatles reunited and finished off some of john's old demos...!!!??? did you really miss '94?!

you know, i could go on and on about the crazy cosmic forces that came togethr in the world of music in 1994, but you can look at that shit for yourself... this is long enough already. thanks for coming over to talk music.

Erin said...

Yes, Linkin' Park speaks to my soul. Their music has had an integral part in my healing. I don't know what the inspiration for their music is, but Numb and Somewhere I Belong are songs I could scream at the top of my lungs on the days I was totally pissed about what I went through.

I missed the whole grunge thing...I was lost in christian music and 80's music...because in my mind, somehow 80's secular music was less sinful than 90's secular music, go figure. I was that twisted by the whole church culture, you know. Sorry to say it, but I missed most of the 90's. However, in retrospect to be honest, I still don't think I would have been into most of those bands you listed....maybe with the exception of the Beasties. Don't hate me, but I've never understood Nirvana, even though I was sad when I heard Kurt died, because everyone else thought he was so talented.

However, now since about 2004 things have been good with me and secular music again. I hate that I would have missed bands like LP and Avenged if I was still in the Christian bubble.

But I'll talk music any day. Thanks for the conversation.

Dena G said...

Dulcinea. Good stuff. :-) Bringin' back some memories, you are!

Nate said...

Well Erin, a lot of the grunge that was played then is not still around. Nirvana was OK. But Pearl Jam Ten, one of the greatest alblums ever. Up there with the White alblum, Led Zep II, Live's first alblum, The Kiss alblum with Detroit Rock city on it. (sorry on some really fun pain meds for an abcessed tooth. Makes recall a bitch.) Also you missed the band Live and Smashing Pumpkins. Before billy corigan thought he was God's creation for music. Jon, you ought to send her a compilation CD of the greatest of the Mid-nineties. I would do it, but I know I never will. Oh my God, you missed Rage Against the Machine and Primus. Oh you poor self deprived woman, we must make amends for this somehow.

Erin said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry, you guys. Blame it on the "machine", but yeah, I missed all that.

So ironic, because I was a music goddess (if I do say so myself) from age 12-25 and swore I'd NEVER be out of touch with popular rock...but funny things happened and I shattered that vow.

How about this: you two create a best-of, maybe 20, list of songs for me and I'll track them down. Promise.

jON said...

i accept your challenge.

in the interim, look up this one.

the song is "life wasted" by pearl jam. it is the first track from their most recent album which came out in '06. it goes down smooth, trust me.

when i come up with a list i'll drop it here and at your site so you know your easy-bake brownie is done.

the light bulb is on and burning bright... this is going to be fun.

Erin said...

Or you can just e-mail me the list if you want. I have a *secret* cheap place to get tunes...so I'll down them all and check them out.

I just checked out the lyrics to Life Wasted...good stuff.

I have to say I ADORE Hard Sun by Eddie Vedder...I have listened to it for hours...so it's conceivable that I'll like some PJ. I can tell you that I don't like 'Jeremy'. FYI. That was back before I swore off the secular.

Lexi said...

i do realize this is very random, BUT one of my friends aunts dated WEIRD AL for a while. When in the