Thursday, January 17, 2008

we need to move!

get your prayer caps on, brothers and sisters because this traveling freakshow is moving! lord willing, that is.

we here at something else... and zaavanco. are running out of space! this family has grown too big and this community has grown too big. please join us in asking for more space so that we may continue to grow. if we could get a house, we would love it. but where? city? country? choices, choices...

seems as though you better ask for some wisdom to come with the new housing.

much love.


Josh said...

Hey John thanks for the comment. Looking down on your blog I couldn't help noticing your affection for out there T-shirts. Cheers. See you in Blogland

Valorosa said...

So what have you found in your search for a new place :-)

One Voice of Many said...

I want to email you if that's ok. Could I have your email address? Throw in a few others that you think might also like to do an off-blog discussion. I think that you've gotten the gist of where I'm coming from but it may take more details than what I'm going to put on my blog. If I'm honest, I think I do want to rant and rave and give details to someone completely removed from the situation. Of course I've talked about it with my local friends but they were also affected and, naturally, agree with me because they love me.

Would that be do-able?
I'll give you this address:
multislacker1 (at) gmail (dot) com

jON said...

josh, thanks for stopping by. you sister let slip that you are a little anarchistic? really? we should get along fine. even though i know that you enforce the law as a way of life, i truly believe in my heart of hearts that law is useless. "good men don't need them and bad men don't follow them. so what's the point?"

wendy, just information gathering at this point as far as new digs goes. first things first. right now, the major question mark is one of employment. i HAVE a job right now that i love, but recently our company was bought by a man who actually seems to have a head on his shoulders and want to be in it for the long haul and he is cnosidering whether or not he wants to utilize my unique abilities. namely, my ability to teach very well... pray for that situation first and foremost. it doesn't matter to me whether i am promoted or not, i am content where i am. but knowing whether or not it will happen FIRST will let us know what kind of steady income we can expect so that we acquire digs in accordance with said income.

michelle, email away.

jON said...

sorry... my email address should be under my profile... but here it is anyway.