Sunday, January 27, 2008


i have an interview on wednesday @ 6.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

we need to move!

get your prayer caps on, brothers and sisters because this traveling freakshow is moving! lord willing, that is.

we here at something else... and zaavanco. are running out of space! this family has grown too big and this community has grown too big. please join us in asking for more space so that we may continue to grow. if we could get a house, we would love it. but where? city? country? choices, choices...

seems as though you better ask for some wisdom to come with the new housing.

much love.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


after nearly a year and a half, i finally received the answer i have been wanting. it was just before my father's funeral. i was sitting alone in the front of the sanctuary, watching the slideshow of pictures we had made, listening to the piano music, and taking some time to myself. when finally, as i sat there with tears welling up in my eyes, the answer fell so clearly it was as if the answer had always been there. i just needed the scales to fall off in order to see it.

i went through the ordeal i went through so that i would have more "street cred" with the goths and satanic metal-heads i have been sent to. i now have a tale of "church-rejection" on par, and in most cases, surpassing anything they have been through. i mean, an honest to goodness special congregational meeting called just to make everyone aware that i am dangerous and not to be associated with? you can't buy that kind of press! and after sharing that story, these young folks are far more willing to talk about their rejection and their true feelings about god and their life in him.

once all of this snapped into focus, which actually took about 2 seconds in real time, i finally felt my heart unlock with forgiveness. although i still have questions as to why god would close these brothers' ears and eyes to what he is doing in and through me, i will not get the answer to those questions. i am simply grateful he gave me the answer he did.

the next day, just before he left, trent walked into the kitchen where i was alone and said nothing. he simply gave me a hug and i felt the spiritual slate being wiped clean inside of me. i do not know if he felt the same thing, because we didn't speak, yet i am glad and thankful it finally happened all the same.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

it's strange what you take for granted.

it was a couple of days ago. wednesday, i believe. i was just feeling down for some reason and thinking about my dad. something felt like it was missing, and i couldn't figure it out.

it may be hard for you to understand, but my father was a truly peculiar man, historically speaking. very few men with his level of intimacy with god walk the earth. that's what made his preaching so spectacular and different. not just his ability to step aside and let the spirit say what it would say to the church, but also because when he spoke, he spoke not as a man speaking about something he studied. he spoke as a man sharing something that he had experienced. and this thing that he experienced would always make a huge smile cross his face and his voice swell to room filling proportions until somehow, his thoughts and words would drift back to the kingdom and our future and what a glorious treasure awaits us there and he would shout with joy.

preaching like that is awfully hard to come by. no one is going to learn that statement more than my mother who will now have to find another pastor for the first time in 46 years. my father's preaching was such that the first time erin heard him 12 years ago, before she ever came to "know god", she was so impressed with what he shared that she still remembers to this day what he spoke about. i'm sure many of you couldn't recall all of the points from your pastor's sermon last week...

and i sat under the same preaching for 18 years. and it was something i sorely took for granted when i had it.

but that's not what this post is about.

the sermon my father preached on that day was, "the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." and as i thought about this i realized what was missing. my father's prayers. i could actually feel their covering presence in my life now absent. which lets me know all the more that we need to pray for each other. so i want to share some needs in my life, and i would encourage you to share your needs here as well so we can lift each other up. i know i could sure use all the prayer i can get.

-erin and i need wisdom as we contemplate a new place to live. we are quickly becoming too big for our little apartment and could sure use some space to spread out! and of course, if we actually had a home, our gatherings could grow exponentially like a bala shark moving from a fishbowl to an aquarium. financing is also a concern, but somehow god always works those things out for us.

-should i go back to school?

-what track are we going to send zaavan on? he is old enough to begin kindergarten next fall.

much love to you all, thank you for your constant support and love of the peres family. we really, really appreciate it. you guys are swell.

and lastly, there has been an awful lot of tagging going on and, since i am rarely picked for such games, i do the same thing now as i have always done. play my own game. this feb. 29th, i am planning to post about how i became a blogger and my formative experiences in the realm of blogging as well as how my perspective of it has changed over the past couple of years. i would also LOVE to hear your stories on the same subject. but i smoke way too much to go around tagging people. leave you healthy folk to all that runnin' mess. if you would like to participate, please mark your calander and join in. if there are others out there whose stories you would like to know, invite them to join.

in other words: who are you? why are you here? how did you get here? and now that you're here, what do you think about it?

feb. 29th. see you there.