Tuesday, October 16, 2007

beautiful and stunning

ever heard of an artist named alex grey? this is one of my favorites. he paints very interesting paintings depicting the human experience at all of its levels. through the rudimentary physical present with the pshyche, the spiritual, and the divine at once, his paintings are not only fascinating, they are, to me, revolutionary. helping to raise one's perspective to this common experience we all share right now. much more can be seen at his website...


so what do you think?


One Voice of Many said...

That's an amazing painting. I love the concept and the story that it tells.


Valorosa said...

Very cool stuff ...


Colours are fantasmic ... very well done and worthy of recognition.

You're going to hate me for this but as I've shared with you before there really IS nothing new under the sun ...

I hope he does well and makes a few bucks ... at 250 bucks a ticket and Merial Hemingway backing him he should.

Did you notice the drawing section and self portrait of himself at 27? There are two.

The expression of the artist is one that I appreciate immensely ... I love the renditions of God's creation by human hand ... but it really is only that ... a rendition ... no one yet who has been able to create as God does. If that ever occurs then I will see that as revolutionary.

Nate said...

Too busy for me. I am not an art guy. Paintings do not do much for me. But the symbolism in all of his paintings is pretty detailed and would give someone a lot to discover and think about.

jON said...

nate, could you imagine looking at one of his paintings on acid? ha!

remember that time i dropped acid and you and sherri and lexi took me to the mall with you?


it's a crisp, januaray morning in the iowanian metropolis of des moines. "do you want to go with us to the mall?", you yell downstairs. "sure.", i answer.

we stopped to eat @ chicago dog & deli along the way. i ordered nachos. at the end of the meal, you pulled me aside and said, "did you drop today?"
"yeah, why."
"well, your pupils are dialated. and then there's this..." you pointed at my chest.

i look down and i am covered from belt to collar with nacho cheese! oh my god! i couldn't believe it. there were even small bits of chips stuck in the cheese! that is one of THE funniest moments from my life...

wendy, i am using the word revolutionary in the sense that it has the potential to spur on a person towards a complete shift in their perception and experience of reality. and in my book, ANYTHING that has the power and ability to do that is revolutioary. and also echos the father in his ability to do that to us as well. which is one reason why i feel paintings of this nature are an expression of that divine power, as well as an extention of that power.

i do not think he is better than god, but i think he has been given the gift of shedding even the most minute amount of light on yet another one of the powerful mysteries of our life here in the Infinite One's Kingdom. So many people with so many ways of expressing. and so many languages to express it!

too often i think our conceptions of separation from one another stem mainly from our inability to understand their true expression. to be able to acknowledge our similarities honestly, and free from judgement, without feeling the need to acknowledge our differences by means of using the kind of judgement(measuring stick) we ourselves would not like to face. in this i believe we do not fulfill universal number one. to do unto others as YOU would have them do unto YOU.

interesting when you think about it. when this was a new creation, there was only one dictum to abide by. to not eat "the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil." everything else. EVERYTHING ELSE! was laid out before them on a huge platter with no other rules or moral standards or anything else to hold them back. clean slates.

has the cross given us the ability to have our slate cleaned in such a way? that we can be completely, totally clean? with no other dictums than these? , “‘YOU SHALL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND.’ This is the great and foremost commandment. The second is like it, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.’ On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets.”

is grace really so big? and has the resurrection given us the ability and life to engage in this "way" the cross made?

and is this "place" that is then created through fearless freedom the "kingdom"?

huh. not cure where all that came from, but there it is...

Valorosa said...

If you read the biography of this artist he was an LSD user ... LOL

They are psychedelic for sure.

It was a drug that opened a whole new visual world up to those who used it ... sadly there were those who ended up in psych hospitals that otherwise may not have, had they stayed away from the drug. Just talked to a 30 year old man who had done some kind of coke with foil ?? fried his brain. He is no longer able to walk properly and talks very slowly but is able to think and still function slowly ... dangerous world, tampering with our brain.

Your account of nachos on your shirt is hilarious and you seem to have come out unscathed ... lol maybe... me as well. Let's remember those who didn't and still today have their lives taken and very negatively altered by these
"recreational" drugs.

Responsibility for what is given to you ... responsibility to God first and to our neighbour as well.

"Art is not a mirror to be held up to society. It's a hammer to shape it."
Bertolt Brecht