Friday, September 21, 2007

olden goldies

got a few big changes coming up here real soon, so i might not have anything inspiringly new to write for awhile. time to take some stock. if you would be so kind, just send some prayers for direction our way. that would be most wonderful.

several of you who are here now weren't around for these. so i've decided to dust off a few for you. more good stuff didn't make it, but i figured its enough anyway. god bless you if you make it through all of them. feel free to chat amongst yourselves. i may jump in if i feel lead.

two thoughts today
how did the chicken cross the red sea? he chartered a ferry.
characters vol. 1
characters vol. 3
enough! seemed relevant
the ones who didn't go
average jew. or... contemplations of the jewish proletariat
surprise party
when was the last time you played tic-tac-toe?
two thoughts on jesus
go and do the same.
...somewhere in the desert
is this the end, or just the beginning?
one side

lord, we are crying out for your guidance. in fact, several hearts here are screaming for it. we have followed you out here, lord. please, show us where to go next. lead us where you will. give us living water to drink for we are thirsty. give us healing, for we are hurting. give us hearts that do not shrink from fear, but that let go more and more of the things that tie us to this world. provide for us in our need. and bring the overwhelming majesty and beauty of your being into sharp focus for us. the true god. the subversive god. the shaker. the disquieter. the lover. the provider. the healer.

the one.

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faintnot said...

I stand with you in your search for His guidance. May He hear from heaven your cries, and may we all find His purpose and vision for us as a church, and individually as well.

Father, I am looking forward to being able to move freely in what you have for me. And now I pray this will be so for Jon and his family as well. Help your children to move in what you set before us, help us to be the ones who bring glory to Your Name in this earth.