Sunday, December 17, 2006


anyone remember this?


Wendy ftfs said...

Cool ... so has anyone made any changes?

jON said...

though i have not been able to escape the entirety of traditional christmas celebration, there have been some changes. for one, instead of buying many multiple gifts for all of the kids in the family and the adults drawing names, the kids have been added into the drawing because we all recognize they have too much crap already. not quite my desire to exchange NO store bought gifts, but progress all the same. and on christmas day, i have decided in my heart that since i am going to be shut up together with the in laws that i am going to be a servant to them all day long in whatever ways i can. not taking the day for my own leisure, but rather taking that day to help them enjoy theirs.

Anonymous said...

I think it is important to celebrate. Afterall God loves parties. He commanded quite a few in the O.T. Jesus also went to lots of parties and the whole Bible winds up with a wedding feast.

When we celebrate we are expressing faith that God is ultimately in control despite what we see and hear around us.

I read this quote (don't know who it is by):

Consider playfulness as a gift from heaven. After all, only people with faith can play. Others must work, and worry.

Wendy ftfs said...

Merry Christmas,eh.
from the Great White North

Global warming makin'it not so white this year. :-)

O Come Let Us Adore Him ...
Christ the Lord.

jON said...

absolutely. celebrate the king with all your might.

you know, i was thinking a couple of days ago just how opposite our modern christmas traditions are as compared to the world described in many carols. they seem to speak of christmas as the time of year when everything slows down and time and priority are given to family and friends and celebration and enjoyment. a way to finalize the year with joy and peace and love and reset for the new year and all of the challenges it will bring. it would seem to me now, that while still listening to these songs and singing them, our american celebration is anything but. a much more harried and hectic time that most (especially those who work in retail) cannot wait until it is done and life can slow down and become sane again.

thankfully, i have not been participating in the madness and rush except to deliver pizzas to harried workers who have no time to even get themselves lunch during this time of the year.

Wendy ftfs said...

I decided a long time ago, as I hurried and stressed over Christmas that it just wasn't worth the hassle. So for years now I have just mosied along with preparations and refused to get stressed ... It's a state of mind, perfect peace ... guided by the Holy Spirit.

Now there are plenty of other things that have thrown me off the peace track but Christmas is no longer one of them ... taking the time to get together with loved ones is a gift to be cherished ...