Friday, October 13, 2006

nothing else to say really. or... a great conversation starter.


Tessa said...


jON said...


thanks tess. i was wondering if people were just going to let that shirt slide and say nothing. and your reaction, simple as it was, was absolutely priceless.

the one thing i did for myself with my winnings from the pizza games was to place a big order to 't-shirt hell' for a few people. and this is one of the shirts i bought for myself. not sure where i am going to wear it first. but as i search for a new spiritual community i think i am going to make it my 'first day in church' shirt. not to offend anybody (although i'm sure it will) but rather to say, "this is me. this is who i am and what i am like upfront. can you handle having me here? because this isn't going to change." yeah. now i'm convinced. that's what i'll do.

plus, as i said, i think it will be a great conversation starter wherever i wear it. that's what it's like fishing for people. all you need to do is throw out a net and god will fill it to overflowing. question is... are we willing to throw out whatever net HE puts in our hands? and not the tiny, man-made, "approved" net designed only to catch people who are already tamed? think about that one.

paul got beat within an inch of his life and thrown outside of town on more than one occasion! do you think that happened by him being p.c.? probably not. and the official church told him to stop. but he didn't. even though his mentors were telling him he was wrong, and the people he was trying to reach told him he was wrong, and both sides wanted him dead, he didn't stop. for love. and aren't we, the beneficiaries of that love, glad he didn't? christ was the cornerstone. he poured the love out into the world. and our purpose is to keep pouring it on down the line into the future until the kingdom comes for good. no matter what human says stop. for love.
JN 15:12-14“This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. You are My friends if you do what I command you."

a full view of all shirts can be found under the pics on my space on myspace. HA!

Wendy ftfs said...

OK ... if I saw you in church with this shirt on ... this is what I would think ... here's a guy who wants some serious attention ... and probably has a seriously whacked out libido disorder ... then I would go and say hello, shake your hand and get to know this absurd individual.

....but then again because I know a little bit about you already, I guess that's not totally a fair assessment ... because I already know you have a whacked out libido disorder ... lol

There's meds for this, you know.

LOL much love

jON said...

libido jokes? really? this is just yet another in a long series of tests to see how far i will go to be truthful and honest with people. with no regard for the consequences. it's a hard thing to learn, but it was just this trait that the apostles had and why they were able to accomplish so much. consequences didn't even matter. as long as they were sharing the good news of the kingdom, they didn't care what happened to them.

and this is just another thing he's given me to see if i am willing to listen and do and go and say ANYTHING. i'm sure this thing will attract more than a few flies. but it's SUPPOSED to be that way. people ripe for harvest, no?

Trent said...
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NFB said...

Hi, I found your blog through my friend Dena.

I've seen this shirt before, not in person. But the site that its sold at. My initial reaction was that of tessa's.