Thursday, June 29, 2006

intercessions and answers

long time since i had a real post, but we have cause to celebrate. the first news, which is not as big, is that the team i am on from my store won the minneapolis market in the first round of the pizza games today.

THE BIG NEWS!!!!!! WE FINALLY GOT A VAN FOR ZAAVAN!!! now comes the task of getting the lift installed. thank you everyone who has prayed with us for this to become a reality. continue with us in your prayers.
also pray with us for the future. this year we are staying put, but i feel that there may be a move in store for us this time next year. keep us in prayer that wisdom would be ours in abundance.

i know hersch is going to guatamala in less than 2 weeks. do you need anything specifically prayed for hersch?

anyone else have anything they would like brought before the throne? we have not if we ask not, so let's be transparent and share our needs with one another so that many more can join in the asking. and the celebrating when the father provides what we need.