Friday, March 03, 2006

your assistance is requested

open you ears. open your eyes. open your heart.

as you go about you day to day life, i am curious to know where you hear the spirit speak to your heart and what he used to speak it. it helps me to compile examples to use in describing the kingdom in modern language.

most notably, what i am looking for is movies, songs, or television programs that just opened you up to some truth. it was not a "christian" program, but bowled you over with truth in some fashion anyway.

for example: how you saw the american pie movies and realized what an amazing tale they were about how to sort out your confusing sexuality and find the pinnacle and purpose in a committed, monogomous relationship comfortably. or how the song "i wish it would rain down" by phil collins was one of the most powerful songs of repentance you have ever heard and each time it comes on the radio you must turn it up and weep. or how last sunday's episode of american dad was one of the most truth filled half hours you have ever seen on television and why.

several more examples i can give, but not here, not now. i have to get to my place of employment.

just want you to keep it in the back of your mind. i am ALWAYS on the look out for examples of this. so whenevr you run across one, please share it with me. it doesn't matter the topic you leave the comment under. i'll know what you're talking about. thanks for your help in this. it will indeed further the kingdom.


Herschel said...

garden state spoke to me about the importance of honesty in relationships, in my relationship with God, and with my self....

motorcycle diaries really opened up my heart for people and see hwo living amongst the "least of the these" could really be better than this so called amercian life...

and their is something about damien rice's music that just gets into almost hypnotizes me...i dont know what it is

Tessa said...

Dogma without saying...

i was like, "did jon write the script to this flick?" when i saw it.

it spoke A LOT of truth to me.

A-Wix said...

Almost any song by Happy Apple because it's like I'm listening to a language that I don't really understand but it sounds important and I should pay attention because the instruments are playing divine words that I should try to comprehend because maybe it has something to do with but maybe not but either way I'm lucky to by around to hear it.

jON said...


i own garden state, but am not familiar with motorcycle diaries or damien rice's music. i have heard good things about damien, but have never delved.

dogma is a fantastic movie. kevin smith and i have a lot in common as pertains to life and theology.

happy apple? is that a reaction to crab apples? once again, music i have never heard but will try to do so in the future.

PLEASE keep this sort of thing coming. when you have one of these moments, please remember and do me the kindness of sharing it with me. the lord and i thank you for the help.

eirn has posted her first post on zaavan co. pleae be sure to stop by and offer her encouragement as she begins learning how to find her own voice.

Tessa said...

Damien Rice is fantastic. O is a beautiful work of poetry. I cry about every time i listen to that album.

Jon have you ever watched 'an evening with Kevin Smith'? I did recently, and i think you'd really enjoy it if you havn't already seen it.

O also, Bob Marly is another one that usually speaks to me. Whenever i am in a bad mood i listen and i almost instantly relax and cheer up.