Tuesday, March 14, 2006

yesterday and the day before that

good times.
caution. bbq wieners can make you fierce.

sunday was amazing. it was everything i had always hoped a sabbath could be. the party began with worship at 10 am, and continued on throughout the day at the church building, and then back at our home later. it ended around 1:30am. nothing like a good 15.5 hours of fellowship to make you feel like you've really been at church!

but yesterday was a little different. first, we had an overnight blizzard and woke up to scenes like this:

and sometime during the night, our power had gone out for a couple of minutes. nothing major, but just enough to reset our clocks so that we did not awaken in the morning on time.
zaavan was late on his feedings and meds all day.
and there was a dark spirit about the home. it first affected erin and i causing us to have unexplained conflict with each other that made no sense to either of us. and later, the same spirit came upon tami and bryan when they came over. it was not good.

strange how after such great victories, we are at our most vulnerable. i think of elijah, who after just coming out victorious (well, god was victorious) in a confrontation with the prophets of baal, and rain has finally come to the land, and he has escaped jezebel yet again, he walks straight away under a tree to lay down and say, "I have had enough, LORD. Take my life..."

please stand with us in prayer that the ones who would seek to steal, kill, and destroy would not be allowed to do so.


Herschel said...

prayin it up

Tessa said...

When you take a step towards Godliness is when Satan seeks to tempt you to take two steps back.

I'll pray for you in this battle.

Jen said...

Man...that looks like fun! Thank you for sharing that vulernability. I'll pray right now-

Wendy ftfs said...

Pretty normal everyday battles for the stuff you two are dealing with... take heart the Lord is with you.

A-Wix said...

You know, I've gone through similar things. It's very strange how dark spirits invade so suddenly and you're fighting for no reason and feel all nimbly bimbly.

Lexi said...

nice snwy pics. it hasn't snowed here yet and it has always snowed her since i have lived here.
leix ♥