Thursday, March 09, 2006

a letter from my brother.

Hey Jon,
Some times I forget how you can notice and remember every nuance of a situation. (By the way, the lack of capitalization in your emailing drives me to distraction) The reason I say this is that I came to this understanding about fear and freedom about ten-fifteen years ago. God loves you and TRULY accepts all that follow him. If you are TRULY following God and trying to obey there will always be forgiveness. The rebelling is when you know something is wrong and do it anyway. That is when your conscience bothers you. If your conscience is clear and you are trying to follow God you are fine. The biggest revelation on this came to me when I realized each of us are given unique talents and are called by God to use them. Keith Green is an excellent example of working for God in a unorthodox manner. Most churches really have absolutely NO CLUE of how to foster and teach these things. They are forever trying to organize the talents of the faithful to accomplish traditional goals handed to them by denomination ideal. Instead of letting god choose the warriors and putting them in the correct spot. The hardest thing in the whole of religion is to not rely on things that are known,(churches, doctrines, money) and rely on things unknown, (God, because no one can fathom or truly know God) basically flying without an earthly net. Getting over this fear is the toughest of all and many people who go to church and do everything they can for God that they can find, never feel true freedom. Never show true faith. True faith gives such freedom that you cannot describe it, because it is just SOMETHING ELSE. Unable to be put into words, sooooo, never documented. It is the most wonderful feeling when that finally happens, but grow into an old comfort like a favorite pair of jeans. Then it has become tough for me to communicate about many things with other people in life. Because the things that they think are important, I don't care about at all. I really realized this when being interviewed by someone here at Darden they ask my personal goals. To get down under 200 pounds was it. God had already delivered everything that I needed beyond that. I have the perfect wife, the two children, food, shelter, clothing, and transportation. Materially I want nothing. That was a strange realization for me. Because when neighbors get fired up about property values and other things, I can't carry my end of the conversation because I just don't care about money and those other things. They hold NO value for me. Anyway, I understand what you have found, and am very glad. Continue to follow where God leads. Have we had the conscience discussion? If not, CALL me. It is too tough to explain without being able to ask questions and being able to answer.
Love everyone,


erin said...

good stuff from nate. it's good to see that you guys still seem to be on the same page. follow up with him on the "conscience" thing...i'm curious to hear what he thinks. i've always appreciated his opinion and imparted wisdom.

Wendy ftfs said...

Wowsers :-)
Like the way your brother thinks.

Got the pizza pic
Tried to reply but it was bounced back to me as undeliverable....?

Peace :-)

jON said...

actually, i got your response twice.

Tessa said...

That was refreshing because i had been thinking the same thoughts over in my head earlier that day.

That Jesus died not so we could be fearful all the time of pissing him off and getting thrown out of heaven. Just the opposite. Why are people so consumed with fearing evil soooo much?!

yea, but the concious thing i too would like to hear more about. Because i know i can do a lot of things and not feel bad. I'm human, my concious is human too. I don't know... is a concious a supernatural entity?

anyway, it was great to hear from Nate cuz he's probably the relative ive talked to the least. rad guy tho.

Tessa said...

check this out... its interesting.

Nate said...

Hey Jon, would you like me to try to explain why GOD gave us a conscience? It is not of man, but influenced by man. That is the biggest shackle that people face.