Thursday, March 02, 2006

the beginning

this, for me, i think, was the beginning of all of this. it is a poem i wrote back on 1.11.03 as a heart cry to express my frustration at living a life that looked so unlike the lives i wanted to model myself after. the true champions of the faith. so i thought i would share it and see if it says anything to you. links are available if you need them.

spurious and copius
this apathy and decadence
passing themselves off as humility and simplicity
when necessity is so small
when necessity is so small
and not even possesed by all

loquacious and gaudy but ultimately
stagnant and disingenuous
elusive heterostrophy*
one eighty is the goal
but i stop at a right angle
because at least i'm not wrong
or am i?

continuous enticement
appetites supressed to a degree
enough to delude, not enough to change
visual impairment
repaired, reblinded
and the final state is worse than the first

i want to hear well done
i must of needs then do
i need to do
i need to

* does not have heterostrophy in its database. the word means: "the state of being turned in a direction other than the usual one; an opposite turning"

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